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IIMA Graduate - Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad
IIMA Graduate - Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

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IIM Bangalore
IIM Bangalore

Executive MBA from IIMB

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IIML - Executive MBA
IIML - Executive MBA

Executive MBA from IIML

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IIMA Graduate - Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad
IIMA Graduate - Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

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What are the other Executive MBA from IIM programs in addition to IIM A PGPX, IIM B EPGP and IIM C MBAeX

IPMX - Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow – One Year MBA Program

IPMX is a One Year MBA Program i.e the executive MBA from IIM Lucknow. It stands for International Programme in Management for Executives - IIM Lucknow. It is one year residential program (full time) intended for mid to senior level professionals to support them for management roles. 


The program supports the students with all the features of the present business education in India as well as global business environment. The focal point of curriculum is on top of the premeditated understanding of business & practical skill development all the way through industry line & projects.


The executive MBA from IIM Lucknow, IPMX is a detailed program which gives plentiful opportunities for individual development and specialized growth by way of interactive learning surroundings. As per the B-School, IIM Lucknow offers International Program in Management for Executives (IPMX). This is a one-year, full time, post-graduate program intended for mid / senior level professionals to get ready them for management roles in top management.


The main aims of the the executive MBA from IIM Lucknow program are:

  • To cultivate & build up the mid to senior level executive for the top management

  • To foster & develop the entrepreneurial skills in the professionals

  • To encourage the students with basic principles of the creative management of present organizations

  • To cultivate & develop the diagnostic and analytic skills for creative decision making in multifaceted business situations

  • To grow & nourish the understanding of the responsibilities of the business managers in the global nature of economic & social orders and corporate operations

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should be a graduate with bachelor’s degree in any course or an equal degree, with at least 50% marks or equal CGPA

  • A suitable GMAT score receiving timeline

  • At least 5 years of managerial work experience later than completing graduation 

Admission Process

  • Candidates must fill the entire application form & submit it online. Upload the scanned copy of the requisite documents in support of the achievement in the eligibility criteria.

  • On the basis of GMAT score, candidates will be shortlisted for written test and individual interview

Fee Structure


Fee of the IPMX course of IIM Lucknow is near about INR Twenty Three Lakhs.

The above mentioned fee includes the tuition fee, course study material cost, food charges, career counselling, alumni relationship cost, and basic accommodation charges on school grounds.

This fee also includes the educational inputs cost, tour, visa and accommodation all through the out of the country module. On the other hand, the asking price of the food, local transport, cell phone, internet, and stationery all through the out of the country module would be borne by the scholar.


At the time of issuing the admission letter to the candidates, the last date for withdrawal will also be declared.

Any withdrawal of application by the withdrawal date will draw rupee 25,000 as a processing fee and the left over money will be refunded. If a withdrawal request comes later than the date of withdrawal, no funds will be refunded. Ahead of joining the program, the intact paid amount is totally non-refundable.


Executive MBA from IIM Indore


Executive MBA from IIM Indore – One Year MBA Program


IIM Indore holds the accreditation of Association of MBAs (AMBA). The Executive Post Graduate Program in Management (EPGP) - One Year MBA Program is a thorough one-year Executive MBA from IIM Indore. EPGP has been specifically intended to add to knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for management of business organisations.  

According to IIM Indore, the EPGP is structured to get ready executives for management positions. All through the strong one-year Program, they will work on the way to developing a deeper perceptive of different facets of management and sharpen up their administrative skills. The first three terms (mainly composed of key courses) focus on top of laying the basis for the specialization all the way through a package of electives offered in the other terms.


A global module makes available an opportunity to build up a perceptive of the international business environment and an aptitude to operate in multicultural surroundings. 


Executive MBA from IIM Indore Eligibility criteria

The applicant ought to have –

50% in Bachelor’s Degree or its equal in any course 

An applicable GMAT score

The GMAT score must be within five years from the date of the application closing date date 

At least 5 years of administrative / industrial / professional experience later than graduation as on the application closing date


​Executive MBA from IIM Indore Application procedure

Applicants seeking admission to the Executive Post Graduate Program in Management should submit their online application on or before the last closing date. They are required to pay the non‐refundable application processing fee of Rs.5, 900.00 for Indian nationals and US$118 for foreign nationals.


Link for online application form is: 



Executive MBA from IIM Indore Selection procedure:

Short-listing of applicants for the interview will be done based on the GMAT score and / or any other criteria laid down by the committee. 


Shortlisted applicants need to appear for the Personal Interview. Applicants not meeting the bare minimum performance will not be taken into consideration considered for the selection procedure (next phase).


Final selection will be on the basis of the prerequisites of the Program. 


Executive MBA from IIM Indore Fee structure


Program fee and Payment Schedule:

Non-Refundable Commitment Fee - INR 1, 00,000/- This fee has to be paid at the time of the provisional admission offer by the selected applicant.

Program Fee (plus the commitment fee) 

  • For Indian Nationals - NR 20,00,000/- 

  • For foreign Nationals - US $49,950 


Executive MBA from IIM Indore Payment Schedule

Option I: The balance fee of INR 19, 00,000/- can be paid completely at the registration time.

Option II: The balance fee can be paid in three instalments:  INR 9, 00,000/- + INR 7, 00,000/- + INR 3, 00,000/- 

The fee includes tuition, study material, library facilities, computer charges, boarding and lodging.  

All expenses towards worldwide travel, visa, passport, lodging and boarding need to be borne by the applicant. Expenses towards educational input (global) are included in the fee.


Executive MBA from IIM Indore Program Structure 

EPGP consists of six segments - Orientation – Online HBS courses, Core Curriculum, International Immersion, Advanced Analytics Workshop, Industry Consulting Module,    Simulation based learning, and Elective courses.

The pedagogy will be a domination of lectures, case discussions, term papers, seminar presentations, and management games.

Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak

Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak – One Year MBA Program

IIM Rohtak ePGPx is accredited by AACSB.  As per the B-School, One Year MBA Program (Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives) is a composite delivery type program. The focal point of the program is resting on general management orientation and realistic knowledge with a stress on inculcating exemplary management in challenging administrative situations.

The program aims at making available realistic knowledge and personalized learning with a focal point on thorough, multi-functional view on management. The program’s focus is on top of sharpening significant administrative skill sets, solidifying management capabilities, and learning the tools and techniques for long-standing success of a business. 

 ePGPx (one year) from IIM Rohtak is the only Executive Post-Graduate Program offered by any IIM that can be done all the way through a combination of practical classes and In-campus classes.  Fee structure is also lowest among all IIMs within the countryside. 


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Eligibility Criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or PG Degree in any course with at least 50% aggregate mark or equal CGPA.

  • 5 Years of administrative / industrial / professional experience at the time of submitting the application.


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Application procedure:

Applicants are required to o fill the online application form. Application link is:



Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Selection procedure:

Applicants who fulfil the above-mentioned criteria and would like to apply for the program must qualify in any of the following exams to appear for the next round of Personal Interview.

  • Applicable Score CAT / GMAT / GRE / GATE ( last 5 years)

  • Group A officers inducted all the way through UPSC exam.

  • IIMR-Entrance Test


The applicants will be evaluated and screened in the first stage based on their applications and exam scores. The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed, and ultimate offers will be made. Personal Interviews will be carried out via Skype.


IIMR MAT Entrance Test

  • IIM Rohtak Online Entrance Examination for ‘One-Year Post Graduate Program for Executives’ will be held in October 2021.  

  • It will be an online proctored entrance examination (90 minutes). Applicants will take the test from their personal computers.


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Fee structure:

Application Fee is Rs. 2,000/- . Total Program Fee is Rs. 6, 50, 000/- (to be paid in three instalments). 

The fee includes all educational charges, examinations, learning material, and textbooks. All fees paid are totally non- refundable. 


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Course Structure:

Course Duration – 625 hours


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Program content:

Term-I: Managerial Economics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Legal Aspects of Business, Marketing I, Operations Management I, Probability and Statistics I, Spoken and Business Communication, Human Resource Management I, Understanding People and Organisations I,     Management Information System.


Term-II: Macroeconomics and Economic Policy, Management Accounting, Business Analytics,     Marketing II, Probability and Statistics II, Written Analysis and Communication I, Human Resource Management II, Understanding People and Organisations II, Strategic Management,     Operations Management-II. 

Term-III: Government Systems and Processes, Socio-Cultural Environment of Business,    Financial Management, Written Analysis and Communication II, Business Ethics, Advance Technological Management, Business Research Methods, Marketing-III, Strategic Decision & Tools, Entrepreneurship


Executive MBA from IIM Rohtak Placements: Average Package: 20.5 Lakhs per annum.


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode – One Year MBA Program

IIM Kozhikode’s One Year MBA Pro gram admission is now open for the 2022-23 batch. IIMK 1 year PGP-Business Leadership (PGP-BL) is an exclusively designed management program which aims at shaping youthful graduates into prospective business leaders all the way through a high-intensity and holistic curriculum and schedule. 

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK), on a high development trajectory is offering an extensive range of academic programs in the management education. One of the best 6 IIMs, IIM Kozhikode has without fail brought noteworthy innovations to program design and deliverance.


In keeping with this ground-breaking spirit, IIMK's Post-Graduate Program in Business Leadership (PGP-BL) is crafted n good health as compared to the one year management programs offered by other colleges. The program combines academics with worldwide exposure with profound sensitization to decisive aspects of management, responsible business. 


Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) is also home to IIMK LIVE. 


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode Fully Residential Program:

The One Year MBA Program, PGP-BL at IIM Kozhikode, is an entirely residential program. Accommodation will be in-campus, single/double rooms, allotted on the basis of availability.


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode Program fee:

IIM Kozhikode 1 year PGP-BL program fee is near about Rs.22, 00,000. This fee includes program instruction material, hostel accommodation, and right of entry to all in-campus facilities.  The above fee also includes program and management fees for the global Immersion module and a travel allowance for home industry immersion module. 


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must hold a duly recognized bachelor’s degree in any course with at least 50% marks or equal CGPA.

  • At least 3 years work experience later than completion of graduation (and if at all possible less than 7 years)

  • The candidate must also have a valid score in CAT/GRE/ GMAT

  • Candidates must have completed a minimum of 3 years of work after graduation. Any work experience obtained prior to graduation is not considered for calculating the total work experience

  • The programme is aimed at working executives meeting the specific criteria from a variety of functional / technical domains crosswise a varied range of industries


Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode Admission process:

The admission process starts by way of submission of online application. Just the once the online applications are submitted, IIMK faculty committee would re-examine the application, shortlists candidates for interview on the basis of different criteria. The interview panel will assess each candidate's performance, on the basis of excellence and nature of work familiarity, multiplicity, management qualities, social understanding, and multi-dimensionality. 


Interview of candidates from outside India may be conducted over video-conference mode on the basis of the received application numbers. Interview dates for those candidates shall be informed one by one. 


How to Apply for Admission?

Application procedure is online. The application has to be submitted along with an application fee of Rs. 3000/- to be paid online.


The one year PGP Business Leadership program is crafted to allocate students the time and space for reflective judgment and growth. The stress on experiential learning, reflective adjustment and management competencies will be a constant all the way through the program.

Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur

Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur – One Year MBA Program


Youngest institution in the world to turn into a part of the FT Master in Management Ranking (2019), IIM Udaipur is one of the top IIMs well-known in the country. IIMU is located in Udaipur in Rajasthan. Udaipur makes available the just right background of heritage and history to this institution to make a unique mark for Management education in this area. Accredited by AACSB, IIMU offers a one-year MBA program. 


Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur Eligibility criteria

  • For Program format 1 (IIM Udaipur/Full semester at Purdue University): At least school education prerequisite is of 10+2 years and at least 4 years of university education along with a bachelor’s or equal in any course 

  • For Program format 2 (Program at IIMU with 2 week of international immersion): At least school education requirement is of 10+2 years and at least 3 years of university education along with a bachelor’s degree or equal in any course 

  • An applicable GRE/ GMAT Score

  • At least executive or supervisory experience requisite is of 3 years 


Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur Admissions

Admission procedure for Program Format 1: One Year MBA GSCM f- Dual Degree Program - IIM Udaipur + Purdue University

The selection of the applicants will be done jointly by IIM Udaipur and Purdue University, USA. The admission process takes account of 2 steps:

  • Step 1 includes Screening by IIM Udaipur

  • Step 2 includes Screening by Purdue University, USA 

English Language Proficiency Requirement for students applying for MBA – GSCM Dual Degree Program


Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur Admission Process for Program Format 2: One Year MBA – GSCM (IIM Udaipur exclusive)

Steps involved are:

    Interested hopefuls need to submit the online application form

    Short-listing of the candidates is done on the basis of the eligibility and will be called for a personal interview

    A final offer of admission is made to the chosen applicants on the basis of the following:

  • Academic profile of applicant

  • Demographic profile of applicant

  • Applicable work experience of the applicant

  • Performance in individual interview

  • GMAT/ GRE score


Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur Fee Structure 

Fee for Module 1 (Common for Program Format 1 & 2)

Commitment fee to be paid at the time of admission offer: Rs. 1, 00,000

Tuition Fees: Rs. 6, 30,000

Accommodation Expenses: Rs. 1, 00,000

Total: Rs. 7, 30,000

Fee for Module 2

Fee for Program Format 2 – IIM Exclusive Option

Tuition Fees: Rs. 6, 00,000

Accommodation Expenses: Rs. 60,000

Total: Rs. 6, 60,000

Fee for Program Format 1 – IIMU + Purdue Option

Tuition Fee payable to the Purdue University US $ 24,390

Accommodation Expenses: $ 5,000

Total: $ 29,390

Module III (Common for Program Format 1 & 2)

Tuition Fees: Rs. 2, 50,000

Accommodation Expenses: Rs. 60,000

Total: Rs. 3, 10,000

Special Note:

  • An Alumni association fee of INR 3000 will be payable at the time of registration for Module 3, over and above above mentioned fee

  • Accommodation expenses at IIM Udaipur mentioned above include Hostel fee & food charges.  On the other hand, these expenses charges do not take account of any other individual expenses that the scholars may meet with at the same time as living at IIM Udaipur campus.


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur

Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur – One Year MBA Program

For executives who wish to follow a certificate programme for one-year, IIM Kashipur offers One Year MBA Program(Executive PG Certificate in General Management). The programme offers learning resembling the Executive MBA programme.


As per the B-School, The One Year MBA Program is a thorough post-graduate program in management, solely intended for middle and senior-level professionals. This is a focused program that aids the practicing executives with acquaintance and skills to excel in today’s fast changing and competitive worldwide business atmosphere. The program is a thorough flattering classroom-based program and will be conducted all through weekends as it seeks to make available you with an opportunity to fast upgrade your professional skills devoid of interfering your professional goings-on. The participants bring in their varied experience to the classroom and work on top of real-world and live ventures. The program dynamically explores ways to facilitate participants to apply concepts studied in the classroom to their place of work. In summing up, this program will flawlessly transition you to better-quality and winning leadership roles.


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

The applicant ought to have:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree recognized by UGC/AIU with at least combined marks of 50% for General applicants, 47% for NC-OBC applicants, and 45% for SC/ST/DAP applicants.

  • A t least 3 years of Managerial experience later than Graduation


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur Admission process

The applicants seeking admission to One Year MBA Program are required to submit an online application as per the scheduled date. 

For any technical enquiry at some point while filling the application form, please drop a line to response@iimkashipur.ac. in

The printed filled-in application form, application fee payment proof and enclosing evidence of graduation, proof-of-work experience in sequential order should reach to the following address: 

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur – Dehradun Campus

135, Vasant Vihar Phase-I,  Opposite FRI, Chakrata Road

Dehradun – 248 001, Uttarakhand.

The packet should be super-scribe “Application for admission in One Year MBA Program “


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur Application Fee:

Application fee of Rs. 2000/-can be paid through   Internet Banking or SBI Collect PAY Online through SBI Collect.

Selection Procedure

The Institute seeks multiplicity of background and interests, from a broad range of corporations, community institutions, and other specialized fields. The entire selection will be based on:

  • An applicable CAT/GMAT score or Marks obtained in Executive Management Aptitude Test (EMAT) IIM Kashipur 

  • The performance of the applicants in the individual interview

The ultimate merit list will be prepared on the basis of CAT/GMAT/EMAT Score, educational performance, work experience, and individual interview. The admission offer is given on the basis of the ultimate merit list.


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur Dates and deadlines

  • Last date for submitting online Application Form - April 2022

  • Last date for submitting the printed copy of filled Application at Dehradun Campus - April 2022

  • EMAT and PI(Dehradun) - May 2022

  • Declaration of Result - May 2022

  • Commencement of Classes - August 2022


Executive MBA from IIM Kashipur Fee Structure

The total fee of the One Year MBA Program is near about INR 8.0 Lakh.

XLRI one year MBA Program

XLRI – One Year MBA Program

As per the XLRI, they offer a One Year MBA Program - Full-time residential management program - PGDM (General Management). The course facilitates students to take hold of the most up-to-date in management theory, broadens viewpoints and launches them into innovative avenues of analytics. XLRI’s deep assurance to nation building is demonstrated every year as the program fosters equally hard-working change agents transforming the business background of present-day India.


XLRI Executive MBA Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates ought to hold a recognized bachelor’s degree of at least 3 years duration in any course with as a minimum 5 years of administrative / management experience. 

  • Candidates may choose to apply by way of valid GMAT or XAT score 

Fee structure

  • Fees and other charges for the one year MBA - PGDM (General Management) will be near about INR 20 lakhs (or equal in $ US) for the ensuing academic year. 

  • Food, electricity and other individual expenses would be charged further depending on the kind of accommodation chosen by the student. 


XLRI Executive MBA Application procedure 

  • The registration is done via online mode.

  • Applicants who wish to apply can submit the online application form on this link:  www.xlri.ac.in.

  • All the information mentioned in the application form should be true and confirmed with original documents.

  • Candidates have to submit INR. 1180/- in the shape of application fee.

XLRI Executive MBA Steps

  • To register, the applicants must visit the website and click on "Apply for Exec-FPM Registration”.

  • After registration, login id and password details will be generated and the details will be sent to the candidate’s email id.

  • Following successful registration, the applicant must log in with his/her login id and password.

  • Online payment of INR. 3000/- need to be paid as application fees (non-refundable).

  • After successful completion of the above steps, one must re-login to complete the online registration process.


XLRI Executive MBA Selection procedure:

The selection for One Year MBA Program - Full-time residential management program - PGDM (General Management) will be done on the basis of the merit list. The institute will publish the joint merit list to shortlist the applicants for the personal interview. Applicants who will qualify the interview round will go for the document confirmation procedure.

  • Shortlisted candidates on the basis of their last qualifying marks will be called for the personal interview.

  • The interview is the final stage of the selection procedure which is conducted by Xavier School of Management - XLRI.

  • Qualified candidates in interview round are requisite to take part in document confirmation procedure.

  • Candidates have to bring the whole necessary documents original along with photocopy at the prearranged center for the document confirmation procedure.

  • Final selection will be on the basis of performance in the interview.

Expert Guidance For 

One Year MBA in India

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SPJAIN Mumbai – One Year MBA Program

S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) has opened admission process for One Year MBA Program. The PGPM - Post Graduate Programme in Management is offered to working professionals with at least 5 years of applicable work experience (full-time). 


SPJIMR is one of India’s top B-schools. SPJIMR is well-known for its exclusive pedagogic innovations and revolutionary programmes, which have helped the institution, stand out for its unique path in management tutoring. SPJIMR offers one year MBA counterpart programme called the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). On successful completion of the Programme, the applicants are awarded a PG Diploma in Management (Executive).


As per the data, one can securely say that SPJIMR PGPM is in the midst of the top one year MBA programmes in India.


SPJAIN Executive MBA Eligibility Criteria 

The candidates ought to have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any course with 50% marks from an approved university

  • At least 5 years of applicable (full time) work experience 

  • Applicable CAT or GMAT score 

  • A reliable educational record

PGPM Fees & Seats


SPJIMR PGPM fee is highly reasonably priced. PGPM Fees at SPJIMR is neat about Rs. 19, 90,000/-. The approved intake for one year PGPM is 180 seats. 

Immersion with Top International B-schools

One of the highlights of PGPM program is the International Immersion module (three-week) for the whole batch. This is a persistently updated, customized curriculum offering an opportunity to follow advanced courses in a preferred area of super specialization. 


SPJAIN PGPM Admissions procedure:


The admission procedure for 2022 has one significant change. SPJIMR will not allow XAT score for PGPM admission. The candidates need to apply with CAT/GMAT scores only. 

PGPM offers the provision of rolling admissions. By and large, there is a long waiting period amid applying for a B school and hearing back from the B-schools to which you apply as applications are judged later than the time limits. With rolling admissions at SPJIMR, your application will be scrutinized the instant it is received. The result is that you are expected to hear from SPJIMR much beforehand.


Step by Step Guide (Admission)

  • Submit online application and pay the required fees 

  • Applicants will be Shortlisted on the basis of the bare minimum eligibility criteria and details mentioned in the application form

  • Interview calls are sent to  shortlisted applicants

  • Case Study Analysis: Applicants are specified a short essay/case to revise and note down their points and/or solutions as per their understanding and perceptive of the specified essay/case. 

  • Personal Interview: Every applicant will go through no less than two rounds of interviews over and above the above. The first round of interview is to appreciate the link between applicants’ preferred area of specialization and their work familiarity. The second round of interview is to appreciate the applicant’s by and large fit with the PGPM programme and with SPJIMR’s background. The process seeks to look into the candidate’s future goals, behaviour aspects, and communication expertise. 

  • Final merit list of successful candidates is declared.


Executive MBA from SPJAIN Mumbai