FAQ IIM Executive MBA 2021

Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta Application 2021 FAQs

What is the eligibility of the one year MBA program at IIM Calcutta?


Working professionals with more than 5 years of work experience can apply to the one year MBA program at IIM Calcutta. Regarding the work experience, if you want to apply for the 2022-23 batch then you should complete 5 years by 31st March 2022.


Apart from the GMAT score what else does one need to submit along with the application?

Apart from the GMAT score, applicants need to submit an online application including an SOP and two letters of recommendation.

Will MBAex allow for a functional and industry shift?

According to past placement reports, most of the graduates of the MBAeX program achieve a functional shift or an industry shift or both.

How do you validate work experience? What kind of letters and proofs would be required?

Can a student of the one year MBA at IIM Calcutta study from abroad or full time in campus course?

The MBAeX course is completely full time. Students are not allowed to pursue it from another location, unless the unprecedented conditions so require.

What are the drawbacks any applying in round 3 to Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta?

Yes,  the number of seats available in R3 may be limited.

Is the difficulty level of IIM Rohtak entrance exam is as same as IIM Indore?

The cutoffs are much lower in IPM of IIM Rohtak as compared to IIM Indore. And thus according to me IPM of IIM Rohtak is much more worthy of the effort one pits in for preparation. If you see there are only 120 seats for the IPM course of IIM Indore. And the numbers of applicants are going up as we speak. Last year, the numbers of applicants were close to 40,000. Thus, if we look at the intake percentage as compared to applicants it's close to 3%.

IIM 2018 me kitna placement hua?

Take an instance - According to the IIM Ahmadabad audited placement report 2018, the highest domestic salary stood at Rs. 72 lakhs, while the average domestic salary was fixed at Rs. 24.45 lakhs.


Sir...If not nits IITs or IIMs.Which is best college to join for Engg?

In India you get engineering colleges according to your performance in the various entrance examinations. So first step is to make a list of all possible options you have, based on how you fared in the exam (especially JEE Mains as most of the good colleges take in via this exam).Also you may get something better than expected so one should even fill those choices in the counselling which may seem impossible to get but you aspire to get.

Will I have to pay high fees of IIM even after scoring 90 percent in CAT?

First of all, there is no fee scholarship or compensation for any student in any IIM even if you score 100 percentile. For MBA programmes at IIMs, to pay the full fees the best way is to get a loan from banks. When you will be joining IIm so at each many banks come to give their presentation showing about their entire loan schemes. And believe me, at IIMs you will be getting loans in the easiest way at the lowest interest rate. At IIMs you get loans without any guarantee only on the basis of the information that you are enrolled in that institution.

What is the BCOM syllabus for IIM?

For IIM you need to know the CAT syllabus, Bcom syllabus is not relevant here. CAT syllabus is prescribed by IIM and it includes all the important topics of Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Aptitude (QA).

Which Degree is best to go to IIM?

I don't think any degree in a particular will guarantee you admission in IIM; it is your aptitude and your performance in CAT and interview that determines whether you will get selected for IIM or not, so try to excel in any degree that you take up.


After completing NIT can a student get an admission in any IIM?

As far I know there is no such Eligibility Criteria, that you must be graduated from IIT'S/NIT’S. However! Most of the students who get an admission at IIM (almost 50%) are from IIT/NIT/BITS/DTU, this is not because they have tag. This is because they know how to work hard and where to work.

After completing Ihm can I go for regular MBA in IIMS will it help me in hotel jobs at higher management level?


Master of Business Administration (MBA) is surely one of the top choices of post graduation courses in India. Because an MBA can be pursued after any stream of graduation, candidates from almost all streams of education whether it is engineering, science or arts can be found pursuing MBA courses in India. The variety of MBA specialisations offered in India is diverse enough to cover almost all different streams of education, which includes Hotel Management.

With All India Rank 6634 in nchmct 2019 which IIM can I get admission in?

Seats on offer for admission at Institutes of Hotel Management (IHM) through NCHMCT JEE scores have been increasing over the years. As per the initial admission brochure, a total of 11,515 seats were on offer for admission. Candidates can go through the seats available for admission through NCHMCT JEE exam website.


Faculty career is better at NISM or IIM?

If IIM is for MBA, NISM is for Finance. NISM CERTIFICATIONS are not very hard to crack, these are mandatory by SEBI to become a broker (having a trading terminal or selling securities) for Equity/Commodity/Derivatives/Mutual Funds/Currency markets in India. When it comes to career, these certificates will help you in gaining basic and little advance knowledge (depending on the certificate) about the subject covered in it.

What are the loan documents required for PGP course in IIM Kol from SBI?


1. Mark sheet of 10th, 12th, Graduation (if applicable), Entrance Exam Result. 2. Proof of admission to course [Offer Letter/ Admission Letter/ ID card if available]. 3. Schedule of expenses for course.

Do IIMs have Ayurveda department?

No, instead Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine & Research is offering 4.5 years BAMC course in Ayurvedic Medicine which covers all the branches of this science.

What is the better way to get admission in IIM MBA after 12th standard?

IPM is a programme which allows entry to an IIM just after 12th standard. For securing admission in IPM, aspirants have to clear IPMAT and the shortlisted candidates then go through the Written Ability Test (WAT) & Personal Interview (PI) round

How to get pension of retired person from IIM?

Individuals are eligible to receive pension once they have completed 10 years of service. However, individuals must attain the age of 50 years or 58 years to withdraw the pension amount. In case individuals withdraw the pension amount when they attain the age of 50 years, they will receive a lesser EPS amount.