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What are the courses and criteria for Executive MBA from IIM Udaipur, IIM Ranchi and IIM Kashipur?

IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur offers a series of MBA courses catering to different audiences. The two year MBA program accepts the CAT score for admission. The flagship two year MBA course at IIM Udaipur incorporates global best practices in management principles and their application in the course. The MBA course at IIM Udaipur is divided into six terms over a period of two years with the mandatory internship term being an integral part of the curriculum.

The rural immersion program is a unique course which sensitises the students to the Indian social and political environment. The experiential learning opportunity gives the students of the two year MBA at IIM Udaipur to engage in entrepreneurial ventures. Students also get an opportunity to participate and learn through corporate internships in India and abroad..

IIM Udaipur ensures International business exposure to the students through the International Business in Practice course as a second-year elective.

The state of the art Bloomberg and Analytics Lab at IIM Udaipur lays stress on training the students on the tools and technologies of Data science. An MBA from IIM Udaipur therefore strives hard to deliver latest business knowledge to its students.

The Institute is Entrepreneurship at IIM Udaipur provides the support network to budding entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and practical toolkit to create successful businesses.

One Year MBA from IIM Udaipur

Global Supply Chain Management ( GSCM) is a one year full-time residential program at IIM Udaipur. It is a rigorous specialised program giving two options. The first option of the IIM Supply Chain Management course offers the students the flexibility to study at Purdue University in US for one semester

The second option allows the students to complete the program in India with an International module which takes place abroad for two weeks.

IIMU One Year MBA in Global Supply Chain Management Eligibility:

Admission to the one year MBA at IIM Udaipur takes place by submitting the GMAT score/ GRE score.

The unique point of the one year MBA from IIM Udaipur is that it provides the students an opportunity to pursue one semester of five months at Purdue University.

One Year MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This is the second offering in the series of one year MBA at IIMU. The One year MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a rigorous program for professionals with a work experience of 3 years.

One Year MBA in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM)

IIM Udaipur offers the One Year MBA program in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) which is uniquely designed for business leaders in the digital business companies.

The program permits applications from professionals with over 3 years of work experience and a valid GMAT score or a GRE score.

Along with the basics of general management the program includes modules on data analytics, technology management, digital industry practices and problem solving in business environments.

IIM Ranchi

The full time residential MBA at IIM Ranchi is the flagship Post-Graduate Program (PGP) in Management. The duration of this MBA course is two years. The selection process for the course is through the CAT examination. The shortlisted applicants have to present themselves for a Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview. The batch strength is approximately 185 students for the two year MBA course at IIM Ranchi.

The curriculum for the MBA course from IIM Ranchi is designed to hone the student's leadership skills, interpersonal and networking skills for the complex business environment. The focus of the program is to develop leaders in the manufacturing and services sector in India and abroad.

The students receive education to operate smoothly in cross cultural environment, take pragmatic business decisions, analyse business scenarios during the engaging MBA course from IIM Ranchi. The faculty members constitute distinguished in house faculty and visiting faculty from top business schools all over the world.

Summer internship, Student exchange program, Course of Independent Study are unique features of the two year MBA course from IIM Ranchi.

Students of the two year MBA from IIM Ranchi can specialise in Generalist Human Resource Management, Organisational Development, and Industrial Relations during the course.

IIM Ranchi Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Management

The Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management (PGPHRM) adheres to the HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

This also a two year program for HR professionals to structure HR function, build credible associations across organisations. Leaders in HR strategy and formulating benchmarked best practices in HR find value addition through this MBA course by IIM Ranchi.


To collate the MBA courses offered by IIM Ranchi the list is as follows:

  1. Post-Graduate Executive Programme in Management (PGEXP)

  2. Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)

  3. Post Graduate Programme in Human Resource Management

  4. Ph.D. Program in Management (Ph.D.) and

  5. Executive Ph.D. Programme in Management (Executive Ph.D.)


This is a two year post graduate degree program for professionals with a minimum of 5 years of work experience. This is a weekend MBA course for working professionals from any stream of career like Government officials, CA, CS, Law professionals, Doctors to build their managerial skills. The program gives these professionals the flexibility to carry on with their work routines during the weeks and gain education over the weekend.

IIM Kashipur

PGP - IIM Kashipur MBA course

The two year full-time residential MBA program, the Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGP), is the flagship program at IIM Kashipur.

This MBA course at IIM Kashipur aims to enhance the professional competence and industry leadership skills for all students. Admission to the two year MBA course at IIM Kashipur is accepted through the submission of CAT scores.


This is a two year MBA program for professionals with a minimum work experience of 3 years conducted over the weekends. The professionals from different industries and roles collaborate for delivering projects thus getting practical exposure in addition to the theoretical management concepts.

Selection Process:

The applicants have to submit a valid CAT score or a GMAT score or the Executive Management Aptitude Test (EMAT) . The applicants are selected on the basis of theirCAT/GMAT/EMAT Score, academic performance, work experience and personal interview for the IIM Kashipur weekend MBA course.


Data analytics is a niche sector and it's growing in importance every day. IIM Kashipur offers a two year full time residential MBA (Analytics) program focusing on the sector.

The MBA course aims to groom MBA graduates on the technology related to the Data science sector. The MBA course by IIM Kashipur delivers advanced analytical skills and managerial acumen.

Eligibility and Selection to the IIM Kashipur MBA course in Analytics

Applicants must submit their CAT score or GMAT score or GRE score for applying to this two year MBA (Analytics) course by IIM Kashipur.

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