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Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA is one of the toughest business school courses in India. But, it's not impossible to get in! IIM Admit Mentors are here to help you with your application and interview process, as well as with essays. We help applicants get admitted to IIM-A and have a success rate of more than 90%.

Executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad eligibility, fees, placements

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad Eligibility

  • Minimum work experience of 4 years

  • Minimum age to apply is 25 years

  • Minimum bachelors degree or equivalent in any discipline.

  • Average Age: 31 years

  • Average GMAT : 701

  • Average work experience: 8 years 3 months

  • Average GRE score: 323

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad fees

  • Fees for Round 1 application: 

    • INR 5000/-

  • Fees for Round 2 application: 

    • INR 7500/-

  • Fees for Round 3 application:

    • INR 9000/-

  • Executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad Fees for Single accommodation:

    • INR 30,00,000/-

  • Executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad fees for Married  accommodation:

    • INR 32,00,000/-

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad Placemenets

  • The placement committee is headed by students.

  • The mean fixed yearly cash component offered during the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad placements  was INR 26,26,071 in 2021.

  • General management was the highest recruited function, followed by operations, IT, marketing, consulting etc.

IIMA PGPX 2024  Application Deadlines

IIMA PGPX 2024​ dates:

  1. Round 1 - 3 July to 4 September 2023

  2. Round 2 - 18 Sept. 2023 to 30 Oct. 2023

  3. Round 3 - 20 Nov. 2023 to 18 Dec. 2023

Online GMAT/GRE (At home) test scores are not acceptable.

The GMAT/GRE test dates for validity for three application rounds, with the earliest acceptable dates:
Round 1: September 04, 2018,
Round 2: October 30, 2018,
Round 3: December 18, 2018.

The above information is compiled based on the trend for IIMA PGPX 2023-24 as below:

Application Opens for IIMA PGPX 2024 - 25:

  1. R1 3 July, 2023                

  2. R2 18 September, 2023                  

  3. R3 20 November, 2023                    

Application window closes for IIMA PGPX 2023 - 24

  1. 4 September 2023  

  2. 30 October 2023

  3. 18 December 2023

Shortlist announcement for IIMA PGPX 2023 - 24:

  1. September 12, 2023

  2. November 7, 2023

  3. December 29, 2023

Essay submission window for for IIMA PGPX 2023 - 24:

  1. R1 - September 12- 14, 2023

  2. R2 - November 7-9, 2023

  3. R3 - December 29-31, 2023

STAGE 2: Personal Interviews for IIMA PGPX 2023 - 24:

  1. R1 - September - October

  2. R2 - November - December

  3. R3 - January

Final Selection announcement for IIMA PGPX 2023 - 24:

  1. R1 - Oct 20, 2023

  2. R2 - Dec 15, 2023

  3. R3 - Feb 10, 2024

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad Application Process

The admissions for the IIMA PGPX are conducted in three rounds every year. The applicants can apply in any of the three rounds to the Executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad.

There are three stages in the application process for IIMA PGPX as below:

  • First, submit an online application and candidates are shortlisted for a personal interview. 

  • Second, submit 3-4 essays within a time frame of 3- 5 days as specified by the school.

  • ​IIMA PGPX essays 2022 were:
    • Essay 1 : Can you walk us through some of the challenges you faced in your work life? Please describe how you were able to overcome them.

    • Essay 2 : Tell us what is special about you, which would make you a good addition to the classroom?

    • Essay 3 : What do the next five years mean to you in terms of your career?

    • SET2

    • Essay 1: Can you walk us through some challenges you faced in the last three years of your work life?(500 words)

    • Essay 2: Tell us about what is special about you which would make you a good addition to the classroom?(500-words)

    • Essay 3: What will a management degree bring to you at this stage of your career?


    • Essay 4 : What has changed since your previous application that you would like to highlight?

    • No recommendation Letters to be submitted

  • Next step is the personal interview with the IIMA faculty.

  • The criteria for evaluating candidates applying to the Executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad are

    • Professional skills,

    • Work experience quality,

    • Career advancement achieved,

    • Academic potential,

    • Interpersonal skills and

    • Leadership skills etc.

Get in touch with an MBA admission consultant at GOALisB for a free profile evaluation and plan your application cycle for MBA admissions 2023-24.


DC Sandeep.jpeg

Shruti Mam has been a perfect mentor in my MBA application process. The various brainstorming sessions with her helped me in identifying my strengths and learnings from my past experiences. The personal interest she takes in getting to know once background helps in portraying once true self in the essays. She is always a phone call away to help us in case of any difficulties and goes the extra mile to answer our questions. During the interview preparations, she guides you to prepare for the worst scenario that can unfold on that day and how to handle such situations. Her guidance and mentorship helped me in getting an admit in the IIM A PGPX course and would highly recommend Shruti Mam to anyone who needs help in their MBA applications.

Sandeep Aggarwal IIMA PGPX

Sandeep Aggarwal.jpeg

I reached out to Shruti in July’21 to help me with my application for IIM Ahmedabad MBA PGPX and guess what – I made it...!! I had little idea about how to write the application and essays, and that is where Shruti came in. She was an amazing mentor to me throughout my IIMA application journey. She very well knows that what B-schools look for in a candidate’s application. Shruti and I had multiple brainstorming sessions in which she helped me to bring out the best qualities in my profile by carefully reflecting upon my past experiences and and guided me to write them in a structured manner in my essays. Shruti is also a very approachable and flexible person. I remember calling her for discussions at odd hours after wrapping up my office work and she was kind enough to take out time for discussions even on short notice. I strongly recommend her for any of the B-school consultations.

Rahul Malhotra IIMA PGPX

Rahul Malhotra.jpeg

I contacted Shruti mam for application assistance for ISB and other IIM A/B Executive MBA's Her in-depth subject knowledge and thorough understanding in the domain of MBA admissions helped me to secure a admits from IIM Ahmedabad for PGPX Co23 & IIM Calcutta MBAex Co23
Her persistence & thorough analysis of my profile through several rounds of introspection helped me carve out niche aspects of my profile and put it out with much more confidence during the application
Her ability to strike out a USP in your profile out of simplest of things in unparalleled. I also underwent several rounds of Mock interviews with her and most B schools interviews literally mirrored the mocks. I strongly recommend her for any of the B-school consultations.

FAQ Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

What are the IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA fees?

For the 2023-24 PGPX Batch at IIM Ahmedabad, the Programme Fee is INR 31.5 lakhs for candidates choosing Single Accommodation (SSH) and INR 33.5 lakhs for those opting for Married Student Housing (MSH). This fee includes tuition fees, books and course materials, accommodation, and other service facilities such as library, computing, and network changes. he International Immersion Programme (IIP) expenses, excluding those related to travel and accommodation, are not included in the coverage.Additional utilities such as electricity, telephone, laundry, and sports/gym subscriptions are charged based on usage. Two modes of payment are available for the Programme Fee and Caution Money.

What is the IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA eligibility?

The IIMA executive MBA is designed for individuals who have completed a Bachelor's Degree and have a minimum of 4 years of work experience. To apply for the IIMA executive MBA, PGPX program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA eligibility:

  1. Hold a Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent in any field.

  2. Age at least 25 years old by March 31st of the year when the IIMA executive MBA, PGPX program begins.

  3. There is no maximum age limit.

  4. Provide a valid GMAT/GRE score i.e. five years from the application deadline date of the round in which the candidate is applying.

  5. Only test centre-based GMAT/GRE scores are valid.

  6. Minimum work experience required 4 years by March 31, 2024.

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