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What's new at IIM Ahmedabad?

For the first time in India, IIM Ahmedabad organized a workshop for development of opportunities and capacity building for 'Doing business in Northern Europe.'

IIM Ahmedabad welcomes professionals and entrepreneurs in charge of prospecting and expanding foreign businesses, as these would help in particular those whose positions include them in assessing joint ventures and green-field efforts. IIM Ahmedabad specifies that entrants should have at least 10 years of managerial or corporate or technical experience so that we can delve into the wonderful world of Nordic Europe in partnership with the participants to discover what you want.

A second "Doing Business Workshop in Northern Europe" was announced by IIM Ahmedabad on the Campus IIM in Ahmedabad on September 2-4, 2020. Places are again limited to 24 as we wish to keep this workshop interactive. IIM Ahmedabad will concentrate on attractiveness and challenge to deal with institutional and cultural diversities in northern Europe, which includes Denmark, Finland , Iceland , Norway and Sweden.

Until August 2, 2020, IIM Ahmedabad will be open for nominations. For organisations nominating four individuals from the same organisation, a community discount is given, but the participation for the sake of diversity can only be open to up to 4 individuals from that organization.

IIM A Response to COVID:

CIIE at the IIMA participated actively in the ACT Fund, founded by a start-up group of India to help ideas to battle Covid 19. In addition, Ahmedabad Police and municipal staff provided assistance from personnel security (PPE) supplies, Rajasthan Police and poor families in the province of Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Bengaluru were given shields.

The alumni were very influential as well. Many students have made their individual contributions to the cause and have supported other pupils and the public to collect money.

Many also contribute in many ways to help shape crisis response by actively contributing to ensuring that the nation's readiness for and availability of medicinal products is as good as possible in the situation; designing and printing of PPE kits in 3D formats; developing public policy responses for the crisis as well as for the post-COVID period.

A new project to help older students in the city and parents of all of the IIMA alumnees who live in Hyderabad has been organized by the chapter of the Hyderabad IIMA Alumni.

Two alumni-founded social organizations, Safe in India and Manzil, are working together to support the excluded. They feed approximately 5000 people every day.

Smiles for All was an Alumni project with the Kaushalya Foundation to provide dry rations that equate to approximately 500,000 meals to the affected family groups.

IIMA Public Policy Alumni Special Interest Group

The PP-ASIG is a community of students and faculty with expertise and interest in public policy and the growth of India. The PP-ASIG, which is sponsored by the university, seeks to encourage interaction between the IIMA Group and the field of public policy practitioners, to contribute to an inclusive growth agenda. Their mission is to create a broader context.

The first webinar is on "Financing India 's post-Covid-19 infrastructure." In the discussion with Professor Ajay Pandey, Mr. Vinayak Chatterjee, Chairman Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd. Mr. Chatterjee co-founded the Infra Feedback in 1990, an IIMA alumnus.

He has long experience in the field of infrastructure planning and implementation, providing advice to leading domestic and multinational companies, various ministries of the Indian government, as well as multilateral and bilateral organizations.

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