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Application assistance to Executive MBA from IIM programs in India

Mock Interviews  for Executive MBA from IIM programs ( IIM, XLRI, BITSOM etc)

Mock Interviews ( 3 sessions through Zoom) - INR 15000

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Executive MBA from IIM programs Application Consulting ( IIM, XLRI, BITSOM etc)

  • 1 school -INR 25, 000

  • 2 schools - INR 45,000

  • 3 Schools - INR 60,000

  • 4 Schools - INR 75,000

SOP, LOR strategy, Application assistance. Get In Touch Here

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Putting together a great application is no easy feat.
That’s why you can’t just apply to the top-5 schools as per a certain ranking.
You need a strong WHY for each choice you make.

At GOALisB, we pride ourselves on helping applicants select the best schools where they have the highest chance of getting in!

There are a lot of myths about having the right ‘PROFILE’ for business school

Some common ones we have seen are-

  • You need to have worked in a tier-1 company

  • You need to be in the top 10% of your undergrad class

  • You should not have a career break.

  • You have to score over 700 on GMAT.

But the truth is, no one thing can make or break your application. 

In our experience, applicants can overcome any perceived weakness by presenting themselves authentically-

  • Be Holistic- We enable applicants to showcase themselves as an interesting person who has learned and reflected on their unique life experiences. 

  • Be Consistent- It is important to be consistent in all aspects of your application. 

  • Be Goal-oriented- We help clients formulate their post-MBA goals with clarity and confidence. Our 1-1 consultations will help you get a keen idea of how to communicate your goals to the B-school of your choice. 

We devote extra time to analysing and improving your profile so that the fundamentals are in place. Good storytelling can overcome more shortcomings than you think!

Get started with your application with an experienced MBA admission consultant at IIM admit mentors.

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