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IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX

Indian Institute of Management offers a one year full time post graduate programme in management for executives. Working professionals with more than four years of experience who are looking at senior management roles in the future should apply to the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX program.

International immersion, leading management education, capstone industry projects, leadership training are all included in the one year, full time residential programme for executives, the IIMA executive MBA, PGPX.

The applicants require a valid GMAT/ GRE score, a minimum work experience of 4 years, a bachelor's degree in any discipline and a minimum age of 25 years to be eligible to apply for the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX programme.

The application process to the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX, is spread over two cycles, the first round usually ends in mid August and the second round ends towards the end of October every year.

The application process for the IIMA Executive MBA, PGPX, has till date been slightly different from that of the rest of the Executive MBA programs in India. To apply for the PGPX, an applicant first needs to submit a form with the academic performance, work experience details, extracurriculars. No SOP or essay submission has to be done at this stage. The school then shortlists the suitable applicants for its one year full time residential Executive MBA programme and invites them to submit the essays and present themselves for an interview. This by far has been the process adopted by IIMA to select professionals for its Executive MBA program.

Is there any correlation between IIM Trichy and Punjab University?

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIMT) or IIM Trichy is the eleventh IIM among the premier management institutes in India

The University has four courses which are all two year courses - PGPM, PGPM HR, ePGP, FPM and eFPM courses. IIM Trichy accepts admission applications through the CAT score. For profile based applications and for interview preparation one can take resources from Goalisb.

Punjab University is situated in Chandigarh with a historic background as one of the oldest universities in India. Apart from management courses, Punjab University also offer prestigious undergraduate courses on campus.

There does not seem to be any correlation between the two.

What is the difference between one year MBA from IIMs and two year MBA from IIMs?

IIM offers various kinds of courses. One is the flagship two year program, next is the one year full time residential program, third is the flexible model. The objective of this article is to enlist the offerings and eligibility of the MBA programs offered by

IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak and IIM Kozhikode.

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